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Écija is a Spanish city in the province of Seville that belongs to the autonomous community of Andalusia (Spain). It is located on the eastern part of the province, in the Genil valley. It borders on the province of Córdoba on the northwest, Seville to the south and with Carmona´s to the west. Écija is nearer to Córdoba than to the province capital of Seville.

According to the 2010 census, Écija has a total population of 40.534 inhabitants, an area of 978,73 square kilometres (the biggest of the province of Seville) and a population density of 41,28/km². It is located 125 metres above sea level.

Apart from city of Écija, the municipality covers eight other communities: La Aceñuela, Los Arenales, Cerro Perea, Isla de Vicario, Isla Redonda, San Antón, Villanueva del Rey y Navalagrulla.

We can point out two big festivities: Virgen del Valle, patron of the city, celebrated on the 8th of September; and the annual Fair celebrated one week after the patron´s festival.

The municipalities of Écija, Cañada Rosal, Fuentes de Andalucía and La Luisiana, fall under the 10th jurisdiction of Seville

It was known by the nickname of the ‘sun city’, ‘city of towers’ or ‘saucepan of Andalusia’ (due to the high temperatures, mainly during the summer) and its considered one of the most important artistic places of Andalusia.