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Fuentes de Andalucía

The municipal area of Fuente de Andalucía was formed in the 19th century from the union of Fuentes and Monclova.

The small area of Fuentes, set up by Écija and Carmona, it is located between the Genil and the Corbones rivers, and the Madrefuentes River is the main artery for river transport (named Guadalbardilla by the Arabs).

The human presence in the municipal area of Fuentes can be traced back to ancient times, as archaeological remains reveal the presence of turdetanians during a couple of centuries. According to Ptolomeo, the old Bética turdetanian-roman city of Obúlcula was located near Monclova and took its name from the turdutanian-roman city of Obvlco/Ibolca (meaning ‘the little Obulco’)

The Fuentes village was reconquered from Islamic control in 1248 and in the redistribution of Écija it is included in the val term of Carmona a privilege given by Alfonso X ‘el Sabio’ in 1255. The Islamic presence in the area is accepted by the experts thanks to archaeological remains and the Arab built castle of Fuentes.

The lands were distributed between the lords and the military that contributed to the re-conquest, and helped the king during that period. One of these, the Alcántara, was awarded with vast extensions of land on the western area, a place named La Aljabara.

On 15 February 1606, Philip III of Spain awarded Santiago´s knight Gome de Fuentes Guzmán whit the Marquisate of Fuentes. During the middle of the 18th century Conde de Torralba had jurisdiction over the domain and the title.

The territory of the Monclova were under the kings power but subsequently donated from Alfonso XI to Micer Egido Bocanegra (known as Gil Bocanegra), seventeenth admiral of Castilla and prestigious genovese sailor for the royal navy, for his role in the taking of the city of Algeciras defeating the north African army and controlling the sea until the city surrender.

Cádiz Courts abolished peerage rights, so civil and criminal jurisdiction over the village of the Marquises of Fuentes were eradicated too. Subsequently, the areas belonging to the village of Fuentes and the domain of Monclova made up the current city of Fuentes de Andalucía, name that started being used in 1778 as a testimonial document of lawyer Infant Miguel de Padilla shows. Since 1791 the name became widespread.

During the Civil War, despite that no battles took place in the area, it was the scenery of ‘El Aguaucho’ crime, one of the toughest episodes of the oppression. A monument erected in 2013 remembers the victims of the incident.