41640 (OSUNA)
TEL - (+34) 954 81 14 86


La Puebla de Cazalla

The history of La Puebla de Cazalla is linked to the river Corbones, goes back to the appearance of mankind in Andalusia during the Palaeolithic period.

Many ruins from the Palaeolithic (bifaces, trihedrons…), Neolithic (polished axe, globular cups…) and Iron Age (corridor graves, trousseau remains…) have been found next to river. But there is no sign of a stable community, what makes us think that La Puebla de Cazalla was a connecting point between the different communities that lived nearby.

An area where people looked for a better future far from their homes. An area of olives and olive oil. But, above all, it is a place of opened and welcoming people.

La Puebla de la Cazalla is a region to get lost in, with plenty of architectonic treasures, museums and corners that charm every visitor. We invite you to accompany us on a trip to the past of the village.