41640 (OSUNA)
TEL - (+34) 954 81 14 86



Ronda is a city on the northwest of the province of Malaga. It is the administrative area and the capital of the region of Serranía de Ronda.

The population in 2009 was of 36.827 citizens, being the second most inhabitable municipality of the interior of Andalusia after Antequera. The area goes along a plateau known as the Depression of Ronda and the nearby mountain range. It has an area of 481,31 square kilometres and a population density of 76,51/km².

Ronda´s origins are in the Roman Arunda , built up with the existing Iberian settlements. The Visigoths gave stability until the arrival of Muslims, giving it an important role in the regional area as a city entity. Its position made the defence of the city very easy and helped the control of the paths towards the lower Andalusia. All this made Ronda an important historical city.

The city lies on a plateau with a deep gorge caved out by the river Guadalevín, where the buildings are built out over the gorge, conferring the city with an astonishing panorama that, added to its monument variety, natural surroundings and proximity to the Costa del Sol, has made Ronda a significant touristic centre. The edge of the gorge and its bridge are a famous picture of the city.